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A mobile recording studio

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A Studio, Mic modeler, Recorder.
Swap mics, swap studios
REcord, Import, change sounds
edit, label, share & so much more!



(Film Production, Podcasting, voiceover, music)

Shure SM58•RCA 77• Shure SM7B•Sony Lavalier•Rode NTG3 (Boom Mic)•Megaphone• Amperite SR80•Neumann U47•Neumann U87•Neumann KM140•Neumann CMV563•AKG 414•AKG C12VR•Royer Ribbon R121•Old Timey Radio Mic•Ribbon Fathead 1•Ribbon Fathead 2


MicSwap Pro comes with all mics & studios.
For professional quality audio use this with any external microphone or interface that’s compatible with your device.
MicSwap Pro & AudioMaster make a complete mobile recording and podcasting studio.
(Audiobus, AU & IAA compatible)

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Studio G Room A.jpg

Studio G Room A

Brooklyn, NY's Studio G has three, unique live rooms. Here we offer a peek into their largest live space, Studio A, with warm wood panels housing a 1908 grand piano and two iso booths. Sound from here is fed into their pristine SSL 8048 G+ console.

The microphone featured in this pak is the MS-SGA. This dynamic mic delivers instant lo-fi audio in the most classy and clear sense. Great for harmonica, vocals and an old timey sound.

Blue light digital sound.jpg

Blue Light Digital Sound

Blue Light Digital's Studio A combines a live room, vocal/drum booth, and control room to provide a fully equipped, great sounding, comfortable studio space.

The MS-BLR is a warm sounding modern ribbon mic with a smooth flat response. This mic delivers the sound as it actually is. Great for electric guitar amps, acoustic guitar, brass instruments and strings.

Studio G room b.jpg

Studio G Room B

Another of Studio G's beautiful live rooms. Studio B has warm wood panels and three large iso booths feeding a Neve 5316 console.

This pak features the MS-SGB. A vintage tube bottle microphone with a classic condenser capsule. It delivers a clear warm analog sound with a smooth rich tone. Great on vocals, acoustic guitars and for use in rooms recording drums, horns or strings.


“MicSwap turns your iPhone into Rock and Roll.”


“Great! 4/5 stars! If you’re yearning to broaden your sonic palette but don’t happen to have a spare $2K to spend, you’ll like MicSwap a whole lot.”
-MAcLife (Aug 2015)

“The MicSwap App is like Instagram for your voice.”